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LISA MAM First Khmer Female Urban Street Artist


ANNABELLA’s HOT TACOS Truck hand painted by Lisa Mam & Peap Tarr.

Authentic Mexican food in Phnom Penh City Cambodia 

**ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! 27.09.2014 Yay!!
I Made This Painting ” Rebirth “ 

My interview on CNC TV

Keo (glass) by Lisa Mam

My New Painting ” Yakhé - Nei “

គំនូរថ្មីរបស់ខ្ញំូ “នាងរំសាយសក់”
My New Painting “Ruom - Sai - Suk “

Me and one of my commission canvases for The Patio in Phnom Penh

Photography by BOW 

New Mini Artwork “Witch” 13.8.2014


Peap Tarr “KHMER NAGA” X Bucketfeet available here

Lisa Mam “Apsara” X Bucketfeet available here 

Extra details on the wall of Cacha Boutique Hotel Bkk Thailand

New Mural both Peap Tarr & I Painted together for the sky lounge section of Cacha Boutique Hotel in BKK Thailand 


Close up of Lisa Mam part of the wall 

Check out my video on VOA


VORTEX will now Begin at Midday 12pm This Saturday 24thMay - The show will begin with a Sausage Sizzle at the front of hbar plus Chubby Ice Cream will be available the original Thai home made Icecream … so come along to VORTEX New Artshow and works created by your Cambo Kiwi Dynamic duo Me and Lisa Mam This Saturday at hbar 170/8 Soi Suan Plu Bkk Thailand starts at 12pm MIDDAY near Chong Nongsi BTS / Saladang BTS