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LISA MAM First Khmer Female Urban Street Artist

Hi Everybody please check my video from Bucketfeet which is filmed in Cambodia and directed by Sok Visal aka Cream from 391 Films , thank you Aaron Firestein

" Our Love Is Our World " 
It’s A Special Dedication To One Special Person and Also Dedicate To All Of You !
Love Is Not A Crime !

By Lisa Mam

My Photo shoot at Clay Frame in Phnom Penh Cambodia 

My photo shoot with Nikki Nikki at Clay Frame studio in phnom Penh 

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Lisa Mam x Bucketfeet

My New Mini Artwork Called ” Trust No One ” by Lisa Mam

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Great to see Lisa ( who is local and from Phnom Penh ) —> is on the cover of WU magazine …no its not the Wu Tang Magazine its Whats Up magazine a local free mag about whats going on in Phnom Penh Cambodia , this month they have a feature article on the local Graff and urban art scene in Phnom Penh and Cambodia which is starting to really bloom and grow ,having both local and foreign artist contributing to the scene ! Which is great because when I came back late 2009 I can honestly say there was not much of a scene although I later found out my Man TONES a Khmer Swiss Graff artist painted here in 2008-2009 and his dope! When I came back and started painting my combination of my two cultures Khmer and New Zealand , I never knew it would grow quickly and than later linking with Lisa and than going even further with the new evolution of Khmer Street Urban Art grow and now having Fonki “Khmer Montreal” Graff Artist come and contribute more is a very happy thing for me to see …. Because art is for everybody and Phnom Penh was once the Pearl and Hub of South East Asia for Music , Art and creative culture , its in our blood to create and inspire …. its only up from here …. No.1 —-> UNITY is key to everything in this country and Cambodia went to hell and back and anyone that wants to go backwards needs to wise up and really look at the big picture! , Art , Music , Movies and Culture is the next step for Cambodia to take Khmer culture to the world! Collaborate and Celebrate - Keep Love in the Heart keep peace in the mind and keep passion for creation in the soul! Thank you Pierre Rabotin !! Anyway check out the article online for those overseas its a cool article just about artist talking about the walls we have painted and a map where to find some of them , its not a map to everywhere but some of the spots so if you in town go check them and pick up Whats What’s Up Phnom Penh from various spots including Slur Bar Le Biz hotel , places around BKK in Phnom Penh , The Blue Pumpkin Cambodia and many other spots! Big Ups WHATS UP PHNOM PENH !!!! CHECK IT


Thank you Nick Sells for letting me and Lisa play at So Shoot Me Studio on Saturday haha and thanks for the photos 

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OH My GOODNESS!!! I CAN BELIEVE IT !! MY SHOES IS IN NEW YORK !! OMG!! that’s My Baby Right There !!!
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Scope New York 2014
International Contemporary Art

Bucketfeet — with Lisa Mam at SCOPE.

Happy International Women Rights Day!!! I want to Dedicate My New Art Piece To All Women Around The World !! Mothers , Sisters , Girlfriends !! 
Stay Strong And Beautiful 
With Compassion In Our Beautiful souls we’ll Heal The World With Peace  
Much Love